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Driftwood's 2016-17 Teaching Staff

Driftwood's 2016-17 Science Educators

Richelle “RiRi” Corty grew up in Harrisburg, PA and studied Environmental Science at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, PA. Since graduating, she’s split her time at camps between the coasts in North Carolina and Washington State until the long shore current brought her here to Driftwood. Legend has it that when she sings, all the creatures help her to tidy the Reptile Room in record time, just like Snow White. In her free time, she can be found checking her mailbox for letters, searching for shells at the beach or swinging in her hammock.



Victoria Scarborough hails from Grand Rapids, MI, or as she likes to say “America’s High Five.” She graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in Sustainability and Adventure Tourism. She’s spent the last few years working various outdoor jobs including outdoor education in California and kayak guiding in Michigan. Her diet at Driftwood largely consists of potatoes, earning her the nickname of “Spud.” Her free time is filled with doing handstands on as many surfaces as possible, playing her guitar, and falling asleep in the middle of movies.



Caroline Fullerton is a proud graduate of the University of Georgia (go Dawgs!) where she studied Ecology and Environmental Health. She grew up right down the road in Alpharetta, GA and has spent the last two years working as a naturalist at the Chattahoochee Nature Center and teaching science for Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta. She really loves armadillos, manatees and all the creatures to be found around Driftwood. Once, Caroline stumbled across a push up contest at the state fair, entered on a whim, and won. Now she gets free caramel apples for life.



Christi Schultz studied Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation at Canisius College in her hometown of Buffalo, NY. She has put her degree to good use working at various zoos, aquariums, and parks with marine mammals like American river otters, California sea lions, and Beluga whales. At home she has a pet squirrel named Twitch, who loves to hide almonds in her shoes. Christi loves poutine (because she’s basically from Canada), Orcas, and birding. She was voted “Driftwood’s Clumsiest Counselor” by her co-teachers and never leaves home without bubble wrap and bandaids.



Jon “Leif” Ericksen is back at Driftwood for another year! He graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga at the top of his class (don’t fact check him on that…) with a degree in Environmental Science: Biology. His favorite things in the world are the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team and SCUBA diving in the great big blue. He loves Mexican food, long walks on the beach, dogs, and his heroes are Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Martina McBride. He wants to be a Marine Biologist someday to help save the coral reefs and all of the living things that rely on them! 



Sarah Paese migrated south from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to work with the wildlife here on St. Simons Island. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a degree in Wildlife Ecology, and like any good Cheesehead, she has minors in Green Bay Packers history and the philosophy of cheese. She is an expert in snake cuddling, owl hooting, and capturing the perfect nature shot with her camera.



Laura Woodlee AKA “DJ Detritus” grew up in South Carolina and studied Environmental Science at the University of South Carolina. She traveled to Driftwood all the way from an environmental education camp in Anchorage, AL where she spent time nature hiking and whale watching. Her co-teachers know her as the human jukebox because she knows every song ever written. Her hobbies include making sure all the animals know she loves them and changing the lyrics of popular music into scientific sing-a-longs.



Emily Dowell graduated from Murray State University in Southwest Kentucky with a degree in Wildlife Biology. She has done research in Mammoth Caves, Little Bighorn, and Carolina Sandhills, but has a special place in her heart for the beach. Her unwavering dedication to coastal ecology once led her to win a dance contest by mimicking the mating ritual of the fiddler crab. She loves combing the beach, caring after her plant friends, eating pie and working with Driftwood’s birds of prey.



Morgan “Mo-dawg” Soulantikas landed here at Driftwood this spring after braving the cold temperatures as a naturalist in Minnesota. She is originally from Florence, SC and received her degree in Biology from Francis Marion University. Her motto is “bird is the word,” and she has spent over half her life working with raptors. She loves doing yoga, petting cats, and eating sun butter straight from the jar.



Michael Holden hopped down to Driftwood from Tybee Island to teach this spring. As a young tadpole, he lived in Athens, GA and morphed over time into a graduate from UGA with a B.S. in Ecology. He’s spent time doing research in Georgia and Costa Rica and has a passion for herpetology, birding, and fishing. There’s a legend here at Driftwood that he once charmed a Black Racer with the smooth jams of his electric guitar, just for the Instagram pic. P.S. - His favorite color is yellow.




Driftwood Education Center's Directors


Ann Marie Wilson is our Driftwood veteran, being that she started working here in 2000. She has been the Executive Director of Driftwood Education Center since 2003. Ann Marie is seen helping out all around Driftwood, whether it's setting up the Lorax set or helping students in the dining hall. She teaches off-site with Road Scholar programs a lot and is especially great at identifying birds during her birding programs. Ann Marie truly loves islands! Besides college, she has only ever lived on islands, and she continually travels to far-off and exciting islands for vacations.


Erin Mugge is the Education Director at Driftwood, where she helps care for the animals, teaches Driftwood students, and spends lots of quality time with the Driftwood science instructors. She joined the staff in 2011 after working at various environmental education and science centers in Georgia, Florida, and Iowa. Even though Erin grew up in land-locked Iowa, she loves living on the beach and teaching about marine organisms now. She did, though, enjoy growing up on the farm and enjoys meeting folks from the Midwest that know the simple fact that soda is actually called "pop."


Colleen Murphy is Driftwood's Program Director, so if you're an incoming school you will definitely be talking with her. Colleen grew up in Roswell, Georgia and studied natural and cultural resource management at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro. Before Driftwood, Colleen has worked at the Chattahoochee Nature Center and Okefenokee Swamp, both of which she enjoyed being outside with kids. Some her best memories of working with students is slippping and sliding in muddy caves of Tennessee.